Unique reunion for some of the tiniest patients at Diamond Children's

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TUCSON, Ariz. -- A lot of healthy happy babies and their parents were enjoying were the nice weather at Reid Park Saturday.

It was a one of a kind reunion between nurses and their tiny patients, far away from the neonatal intensive care unit at Diamond Children's Hospital.

Alexandria Michelle is one happy, healthy little girl, but behind her picture perfect smile is a remarkable story of survival.

"See your little one laying in that situation with all that wires and breathing apparatuses and everything and you can't do anything about it, you feel totally helpless," said Alexandria's dad, Michael Rodarte.

Alexandria was born premature, her intestines on the outside.

She endured a total of five surgeries and 3 and a half months inside the NICU under the constant care of team's of nurses who got to see her again Saturday.

"It was really wonderful getting to see her today and see how far she's come," said neonatal nurse Jillian Hay-Roe.

Saturday's picnic was a unique graduation for little ones like Alexandria. To celebrate every child's remarkable recovery and the care they received from nurses to help get them there.

"Words cannot explain how grateful I am for them," said mother Sandra Young.

It's a momentous and even emotional occasion for nurses.

"A lot of time I don't even recognize them because when I took care of them they were one pound or attached to all kinds of wires and tubes and now they're these healthy babies in cute outfits running around," Hay-Roe said.

Alexandria is still a bit too tiny to run around, but she was carried around like a little celebrity.

Just one picture perfect reminder of tiny babies who overcome the odds at Diamond Children's.