Are vampire appliances taking a bite out of your budget?

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PHOENIX -- Did you know you might have vampires lurking in your living room or kitchen? Vampire appliances are things that continue to suck energy, even when they're not actually turned on.

As Brad Tarrant, Glendale's energy education specialist, explained to Scott Pasmore, up to 10 percent of your energy use could be coming from appliances that are plugged in but not in use. That translates to a higher power bill for you -- as much as $200 per year -- simply because those "energy vampires" are plugged in, sucking you dry.

One of the most common culprits is your gaming system. Wii, X-Box, PlayStation -- they all keep drawing power when they're turned off. So does your coffeemaker, and pretty much anything that operates via remote control or that has a digital clock, like your DVR box and your microwave oven. Phone chargers are energy vampires, as well.

The issue is that these appliance are never really turned off. Rather, they're in stand-by mode.

Tarrant said the best thing you can so is plug those appliances into a power strip and then turn off the power strip when you're not using the appliances.

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