Arizona girl stars opposite Jonah Hill in 'The Sitter'

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PHOENIX -- Landry Bender, who lived in Arizona until about a year ago, landed a plum role in Jonah Hill's new movie "The Sitter."

A veteran stage actor with Desert Stages Theater in Scottsdale, but new to the big screen, Landry is the daughter of Trey and Amy Bender, both of whom are sports announcers.

Landry, 11, auditioned at an open casting call, securing the role of Blithe, the youngest of the three kids to give Hill, "the world's most irresponsible babysitter," a run for his money.

Landry stopped by 3TV, where her mom used to work, to chat with Scott Pasmore and Kaley O'Kelley about how her career just might be hitting the fast track. Those in the know say she's definitely one to watch, on her way to becoming one of Hollywood's newest stars.

Shooting on the movie took place in New York and last about four months. During that time, Landry and the rest of the cast bonded.

"He's like my uncle," she said of Hill. "He's like my buddy. We would joke around and stuff."

She said she doesn't quite know what to expect from the upcoming premiere and hasn't even picked out her dress yet, but she's not stressing over it.

"It'll come," she said in her no-nonsense 11-going-30 way.

With both parents in the sports business, Landry naturally likes sports herself.

"I kind of have to," she said. "They're sports announcers! I can's say, 'No, I hate sports.' ... I have to support them."

"The Sitter" is slated to open Dec. 9. It's rated R.

For more video of Landry, check out her YouTube channel, LandryBenderPerforms.