Monday could be last ride of Old Pueblo Trolley

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By Bryce Potter By Bryce Potter

TUCSON, Ariz. -- The Old Pueblo Trolley might be approaching the end of the line.

Monday is the last day to ride the shuttle before the City of Tucson begins construction on the modern street car.

But volunteers and passengers want this piece of the past to keep running in the future.

All aboard the Old Pueblo trolley for a little nostalgia.

"The car that's out there running is a Japanese car 1958, and we acquired it," said Nathan Hughes with the Old Pueblo Trolley.

The trolley has been shuttling shoppers from Fourth Avenue to University for more than a couple decades.

But the ride itself may end up in the history books, with the arrival of the new modern streetcar.

"It's fun, nostalgic, you can cruise up and down Fourth Avenue," said trolley passenger Jon Allen.

Jon Allen and his family take the trolley once a month.

This is the trolley's last weekend voyage. The streetcar is expected to take over the route, with construction already underway at the Cushing Street Bridge.

"Well we've been doing our best, but we haven't got much cooperation from the city," said Hughes.

If possible, Old Pueblo Trolley would like to resume operations in 2013 as a Fourth Avenue favorite and a tourist attraction.

"We just heard about it , it was a nice ride from one end to the other," said trolley passenger Tom Leinert.

Leinert is visiting from Washington and says the trolley is a cheap and fun way to see the sights.

For now the trolley's future is uncertain.

People will have one more chance to ride the trolley Monday night for a Halloween tour but volunteers say don't be so quick to call it a farewell ride.