Cows costing Goodyear residents thousands in accidents

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GOODYEAR, Ariz. -- A road hazard in Goodyear is causing big problems for residents.

Large hoof prints are small reminders of what happened near John Bauman's home a year ago.

"His van is gone, his van is completely totaled," Bauman said.

The Goodyear man's brother was in a car accident with a cow.

"His girlfriend was injured and he gets a ticket for hitting the cow and has to pay 173 bucks to Goodyear," Bauman said.

There are cattle guard signs warning drivers about crossing cows on Rainbow Valley Road.

This year alone there have been 11 accidents between cars and cattle in the city.

"You have to lock up your brakes," Bauman said. "If you drive up this road you'll see skid marks all over the place."

Drivers were once responsible for the damage of their car and the cost of the cow up to $1,500. That policy changed this week. 

"We've put the responsibility on the person who owns the cattle and grazing the cattle in the field," said Goodyear Mayor Georgia Lord.

Lord signed off on an emergency ordinance protecting drivers Monday. Now, cattle ranchers must foot or hoof the cost of the wreck.

Bauman wishes the ordinance was in place last year to protect his brother.

"He wouldn't have been out no money. They (rancher) would have been responsible," Bauman said.

The ordinance went into effect immediately.