3 On Your Side finally catches up with Valley contractor

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By Jim Carr By Jim Carr

PHOENIX - A Valley business owner profiled before on 3 On Your Side following numerous complaints is once again back in the news.

Back then, many homeowners complained they paid Ray Baxter thousands to help their homes become solar, but then said they wished they never did business with him at all.

Well, Baxter is still running from angry homeowners and still running from 3 On Your Side.

We spotted Baxter following his recent bankruptcy hearing in downtown Phoenix. It was the first time 3 On Your Side has actually seen him in person since we began investigating him nearly two years ago.

Back then, the door was slammed shut when we showed up at his Mesa business, Arizona Power Save, even though we had scheduled an interview with him.

“Leave or I'll call the cops,” we were told.

We wanted to ask him about a Sun City homeowner who paid more than $20,000 to have solar panels installed.

“They came with a crew with no knowledge of what they were doing,” homeowner Luther Abrahamson said.

After that news report aired, another solar company stepped in to do the job right.

But then, Alfreda Wilson, her husband and several other Valley homeowners stepped forward and told 3 On Your Side they were also victims of Baxter.

They all claim they paid Baxter to install solar panels but say Baxter didn't pay his supplier.

As a result, the supplier slapped liens against homeowners like Alfreda.

“It’s not our fault he didn’t pay for his supplies,” she said.

Baxter finally responded to our repeated attempts to contact him by sending us an email that simply said, "Agreement reached, payments made, liens released!"

Sounded good, except it wasn't true because homeowners tell us they still had liens filed against them.

Baxter's problems continue to grow with a lawsuit filed against him by his supplier.

A judge ordered Baxter to cough up nearly $140,000 but, we're told that hasn't happened either.

Instead, he filed for bankruptcy, which brings us back to the courthouse.

“He stiffed us all,” said Sun Lakes resident Kathleen Delacio.

3 On Your Side ran into yet another one of Baxter's unhappy customers outside the courthouse who said she was hours away from losing her home because of him.

But Baxter wasn't so willing to talk and turned around when he saw our cameras.

We waited but were told that Baxter was actually escorted out through the employee entrance, allowing him to dodge our camera and our questions.

A court spokesman told 3 On Your Side that he has no knowledge of Baxter being allowed to leave out the back, saying it's not a common practice.

Baxter operates under seven different contractor’s licenses but since our last report, all seven have been suspended or revoked by the state.