Orecchiette With Broccoli

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PHOENIX -- "The cuisine of Puglia (the heel of the Italina "boot") is famous for being among the best in Italy. Puglian food is deeply rooted in the traditions of this southern Italian region, its geography, and its history as the breadbasket of Italy and the largest producer of olive oi."

Viktorija Todorovska, author of "The Puglian Cookbook," showed April Warnecke and Scott Pasmore exactly how easy of some of her favorite dishes can be to make. Most have fewer than seven infredients, all of which are easy to find at almost any grogery store.

"Puglian cooking’s two great benefits are of huge interest today: it’s very simple, usually requiring little technique and basic prepartion, and it’s incredibly healthful, as it’s based largely on olive oil and fresh vegetables."

4 Tbsp. virgin olive oil
3 cloves garlic
3 canned anchovies
Red pepper flakes
1 bag frozen broccoli
2 cups dried orecchiette
3/4 cup grated pecorino cheese

In pan, heat olive oil and garlic over low heat. As soon as garlic starts to change color, add the anchovies and break them up with a wooden spoon. Cook for another 2 minutes, until the anchovies melts into the oil. Add the red pepper flakes.

Meanwhile, boil the frozen broccoli for 2 minutes. Drain and set aside.

(If using dried orecciette) In a large pot, bring to a boil 4 quarts of water. Salt the water generously and add the orecciette. About 2 minutes before the pasta is done, add the broccoli to the pot and continue cooking. The past should be al dente. Drain the pasta and broccoli and add it to the garlic and anchovy sauce. Toss over low heat.

(If using fresh cavatelli) In a large pot, bring to a boil 4 quarts of salted water. When the water starts to boil, add the frozen broccoli. At this point the water will stop boiling for a couple of minutes as the broccoli starts to thaw. When the water comes back to a boil, add the fresh pasta and cook for another 2 to 3 mins. The pasta should be al dente. Drain the broccoli and pasta and then toss them with the garlic and anchovy sauce.

Serve hot, sprinkled with the pecorino cheese.

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