Valley man says car mistakenly impounded

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By Jim Carr By Jim Carr

PHOENIX -- Gray Denver doesn't have a car to back in his driveway anymore. That's because his Dodge Charger was impounded by the cops back in August.

"I love my car. That's the first new car that I've actually had," Denver said.

Denver's problem starts with his driving record, which is something he's not exactly proud of.
"Driving habits have never been the best," Denver said. "I've always kind of had a lead foot or taken chances."
Due to the fact that Denver racked up so many citations driving, including a recent ticket for running a red light, the state's Motor Vehicle Division sent him a letter saying his license was going to be suspended effective Aug. 8.
So when Denver was stopped by police on Aug. 3, he wasn't too worried because he still had a few more days before his suspension took place. However, he said the officer told him his license was suspended.
"I said, 'No, no, no, I'm getting a suspension, but it hasn't kicked in and it's not going to kick in for another five days.' He goes, 'Well, according to my computer, which is what I have to go by, you're driving on a suspended license,'" Denver explained.
As a result, Denver was given a pricey ticket and his Dodge Charger was impounded for a mandatory 30 days. Confident a mistake had been made, Denver contacted 3 On Your Side in hopes of getting his car back.
"It's like I'm being punished for something that I shouldn't be punished for," Denver said. "There was nothing in the rule book that said that my car needed to be taken."
I discovered a mistake had been made, however, it was Denver's mistake. It turns out that letter saying his license was suspended beginning Aug. 8 was not the only letter sent to him from MVD. They actually sent him an identical letter with an earlier suspension date effective Aug. 1 for getting a speeding ticket.
That means Denver's license really was suspended when he was pulled over and his car impounded.
Denver said he never received that first letter from MVD with the earlier suspension date so that's why this whole thing snowballed like it did. I wish I could have helped him out, but there's not much I can do with his driving record.