Democrats target Arizona voters with anti-Romney foreclosure ad

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PHOENIX, --   The ad cuts right to the heart of the problem. It features empty homes and families out of options, and it puts the problem to Mitt Romney.

The clip comes from his conversation with a Las Vegas newspaper. Nevada's foreclosure rate is the worst in the nation. Arizona is No. 2.  In the clip, Romney says "Don't try and stop the foreclosure process. Let it run it's course and hit the bottom."

The Democratic National Committee paid for the ad, and clearly feels that Arizona is a state worth fighting for. But state Republicans say this is a manipulative clip.

"It's unfair to take a small clip and use it for propaganda reasons and have the voters not understand what was completely said," says Shane Wikfors, spokesman for the Arizona Republican Party.

The Arizona GOP showed us a clip of what Romney says next. He talks about letting investors buy those foreclosed homes, fix them up, rent them out, and then turn them around once the market improves. Arizona's GOP says that's proof that Romney isn't ignoring the problem, and the Republican Party is not, either.

"We're not out of the picture on this," Wikfors said. " We believe we have the best solution to remedy what's happening here in Arizona."

In a statement the DNC said it wants the ad to challenge the idea that Arizona will support what it calls "the failed policies of Republicans."

The ad is now running on local and cable channels statewide.