The Thing: 3 Things you should know

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It’s billed as a prequel: what happened at a Norwegian scientific station at the South Pole before what transpired in John Carpenter’s 1981 “The Thing”.  But a couple of carefully placed props and lines of dialogue are not enough to stop this critic from saying that the current version of “The Thing” is really a remake.

While stationed at the freezing pole, a signal is picked up coming from deep inside the ice.  An excavation reveals that it is coming from an alien space ship!  What’s more, an alien is discovered, frozen a short distance from its ship.  The body is excavated and taken back to the station.  But once back, the alien bursts from its frozen prism and starts to infect the crew one by one.  Because the nature of the parasite is to invade a host and mutate from within, no one knows who is infected and who isn’t.

The amazing thing about this remake is that for all the years between it and 1981’s “The Thing” the special effects aren’t that much better.  It is for that very reason that I say this remake is rather pointless.  Yes, it is an atmospheric, edge of your seat thriller with plenty of chills, but since it’s not any better than John Carpenter’s version you just have to wonder ‘what’s the point?’ 

When John Carpenter did his remake of the 1951 version of “The Thing” he did a dramatic departure from the original.  The black and white tale of a scientific outpost at the North Pole is still revered today by fans and brilliant movie directors for several reasons.  It has great characters, a stunning real fire sequence and plenty of suspense that still holds up all these years later.  Movies like this provided fodder and inspiration for a whole generation of directors like Carpenter, Steven Speilberg and many more as a movie that left a lasting impact on their young minds I highly recommend you rent it for a fun family night of classic sci-fi.  Or keep an eye out for it on Tuner Classic Movies.

If you see “The Thing” I suggest you save the bucks and see it at a bargain price.  But for a real bargain save yourself even more and rent John Carpenter’s “The Thing” for some of the goriest and truly scary films I have ever seen.  That remake is the real deal.

“The Thing” infests on 3 Red Vines for good but unoriginal thrills

A preview of this movie was provided to me by the studio but it in no way affects my unbiased review.