4 Tips to survive a run-in with your ex

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PHOENIX -- If you live in the same city or town as your ex, chances are you will run into him or her at some point.

Just ask Billy Crystal's character in the 1989 movie "When Harry Met Sally," which is set in New York. "In a city of 8 million people, you're bound to run into your ex-wife," Harry says after seeing his ex-wide at a Sharper Image store. "So boom, it happened. And now I'm fine."

Except he wasn't.

If you didn't part amicably, running into your ex might seem like a horrible experience, but it doesn't have to be,

Relationship expert Mike Lindstrom says you can be fine after an unexpected face-to-face with your ex. He shared four tips to make potential run-ins a bit easier.

1. Don't panic.

2. Be friendly.

3. Avoid confrontation.

4. Project confidence.