Would-be burglar bites off part of victim's ear

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By Catherine Holland By Catherine Holland

MESA, Ariz. -- A would-be burglar is in jail after breaking into a home, leaving the bathroom in shambles, and biting off part of a man's ear.

Mesa police responded to the call on Friday afternoon near Broadway and Alma School roads in Mesa.

Manuel and Maria Corrales returned home from running errands to find Joshua Randall in their home after he crawled through an open window in the couple's bedroom.

They said Randall, 23, was going through their belongings, looking for jewelry.

Instead of running away, Manuel Corrales decided to stay and fight. He said he was afraid Randall had a weapon or would call an accomplice for backup.

The fight lasted just a few minutes, starting in the master bathroom and then traveling into the bedroom.

When it was all over, Corrales had a 1-inch puncture wound in his jaw from part of a porcelain sink that Randall allegedly used after it was shattered during the fight.

Police said Randall also bit off a substantial chunk of Corrales' left ear, which could not be reattached.

Maria Corrales also suffered bruises.

Police arrested Randall just outside the home, minus his pants, which he apparently wriggled out of in an attempt to get away.

"They saw the suspect in blue boxers and a T-shirt and our female victim was pointing at this individual," Mesa police Sgt. Ed Wessing said.

An accomplice, Emmett Shill, 25, was also arrested.

Both men have been charged with burglary and aggravated assault.

Maria said Randall didn't grab anything of value. The jewelry he stuffed into a bag were all costume pieces. The suspect did leave behind a few pieces that she didn't recognize, possibly from other victims.

Police said Randall, who has a long history of theft, could be involved in other crimes.