Scottsdale woman says repair store lost her freezer

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By Jim Carr By Jim Carr

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. -- Julie Hilburn's pantry is pretty empty these days. That's because it's missing the freezer where she used to keep a lot of stuff.

"Turkey, ribs and my husband's and son's fish," Hilburn said.
Hilburn said she cooks all the time and really needs that freezer so she called Jenkins Appliance Store, which came to her house and agreed to take it back to their store to fix it. Hilburn said it was only supposed to take three days to repair.
"Seven days pass, no phone calls, no returned freezer," Hilburn said.
Hilburn said she called Jenkins Appliance every week for two months.

"The last story was that I had the freezer, that it was delivered back to me," Hilburn said.
However, because that was obviously not the case, I left a voicemail for the owner of Jenkins Appliance, Trampas Jenkins, who actually showed up to the 3TV studio to apologize for Hilburn's missing freezer.
"We're not here to steal anything from anybody or take anything from anybody," Jenkins explained.
Jenkins said the freezer may have been lost when moving to another location or even delivered to the wrong customer. However, he did tell me he would make things right.
"Our company is willing to buy her another freezer and replace it," Jenkins told 3 On Your Side.
That's exactly what he did. Jenkins Appliance wound up delivering a brand-new freezer to Hilburn's house and putting it right in her pantry.
"From what I see, the customer is happy, we're happy and hopefully we gained a new customer instead of losing a customer," Jenkins said.
Hilburn said she is very pleased to have a freezer again and thanks 3 On Your Side for getting it done.
"I have been battling since July to get my freezer back and since 3 On Your Side got involved, I now have a new freezer," Hilburn said.
Jenkins Appliance really stepped up with that new freezer. Not only does Hilburn appreciate it, but so do I.