Umbilical proteins, nutrients secret to new skin-care line

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PHOENIX -- Dr. Mark Engelman spent more than 20 as the medical director and chairman of the Emergency Medicine Department at St. Joseph's Hospital in Phoenix.

Since retiring in 1996, he's spent much of his time studying practical applications of stem cells, genomics and immunology. What he learned has become Novo Solutions MD, a unique skin-care line that harnesses the power of umbilical proteins and nutrients to fight aging.

There's nothing on the market like it. The secret ingredient is a propriety complex that Engelman developed and it could be an non-invasive alternative to injectables like Botox®. It's called NovoSerum™.

Banking cord blood is a relatively new concept meant to save stem cells should they be needed later. While the stem cells are saved, the serum is not. In the simplest terms, what Engelman has found is a use for that otherwise wasted serum. The umbilical proteins and nutrients are infused into the products "to give you like force against aging skin."

Engelman said the Novo Solutions MD products help increase collagen production and restore plumpness and firmness to aging skin cells, delivering "unprecedented results" when used on a daily basis.

Six exclusive products for women and men include Absolute Face Cleanser, Brilliant Face Exfoliant, Cellactive Face Serum, Advanced Eye Serum, Moisturizing Renewal Cream and Moisturizing Renewal Cream with SPF 15. Prices range from $30 to $136. Currently, products are available at