October's 10 under $10 drugstore beauty product picks

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It's that time of the month again when we show our top 10 beauty product picks from Walgreens beauty expert Bianca, and I've heard from many of you viewers that you dig this monthly segment. So let's do it again today! This month, Bianca pulled some holiday items and everything sells for under ten bucks, so read on!

1. Gimme Clips Mix-n-match Hair Accessory Kit -- $9.99 -- I absolutely love this because I'm not crafty in the least and this cute design-your-own hair accessory kit requires no tools and no glue!  Just snap in different pieces, floral designs and buttons from the 36-piece kit.  You and your daughter can create different headbands, hair clips, barrettes and more in under 10 seconds!  Both my daughter and I adore this fun kit and it makes a great gift idea to boot!

2. Stylin' Feather Hair Extension -- $4.99 -- Feather hair extensions are all the rage right now and many salons charge $25 an application, so for about $5, you can do it yourself in seconds.  The price is right for this fun and trendy item.

3. Goody Doublewear Head Wrap/Necklace -- $5.49 -- Talk about a great multi-tasking product, this new item from Goody doubles as a pretty headband and a stylish necklace, so you get more bang for your beauty buck. 

4. Juicy Couture "Couture Couture" Eau de Parfum Spray -- $9.99 -- With Juicy still being all the rage, this purse-sized perfume is the perfect stocking stuffing or gift.  The size also meets travel-sized toiletries requirements, making this a fabulous fragrance to pack in your holiday travel bag.  And for gals who want Juicy, but can't afford to spend a lot, the price is right at Walgreens!

5. Aveeno Active Naturals Positively Nourishing Gift Set -- $9.99 -- If you bought the three included items separately, you would spend over $15, so you are saving money by purchasing the gift set, plus it makes a nice gift.  The kit comes with a body wash, a whipped soufflé body lotion and one body scrub pouf.  I bought the Blackberry + Vanilla variety that comes infused with shea butter and cocoa butter.

6. Christmas Fashion Clutch -- $1.99 -- For only two bucks, this little gold clutch also comes in other holiday colors and doubles as a travel makeup bag after the holidays. 

7. Elegant Purse Hook -- $4.99 -- Whether you are attending a lot of holiday parties with a festive purse or you are attending baby and toddler events this season, this purse hook gives you a place to place your purse or diaper bag in public restrooms that don't have a hook.  Functional and festive.

8. Profusion Cranky Girlz Lip Glaze 3 Lip Pack -- 99 cents -- Three travel-sized lip gloss shades for a buck?!  You can't beat that and the colors are festive and fun.

9. Revlon Limited Edition "Fierce" Metallic Nail Polish -- $5.29 -- New metallic shade from Revlon that is sparkly holiday fun plum color.

10. Profusion Glitterazzi's Journal Eye Shadow Pack -- $1.99 -- The pretty package looks like it is already gift-wrapped, so this is another good stocking stuffer or gift.  Plus for two bucks, you get a pretty palette of ten different eye shadow shades.  That is another great value.

Bianca and I hope you enjoyed this month's ten under ten picks.  Stay tuned for next month's drug store beauty buys that will keep you on your beauty budget!  And remember to check managedmoms.com for more beauty news, recipes, parenting tips, pet pics and more.