Halloween for the kiddos: Party ideas

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If you were to ask a child, what is your favorite part of Halloween? There is a very good chance the answer will be…CANDY!!!!!
So if candy is number 1, what comes next? A Halloween Party!
When planning a Halloween Party for Kids some tips to keep in mind:

#1 Candy and lots of it: More important than just having candy is the presentation of that candy. What could be better than an old fashioned candy bar, with fun slightly gross names!

#2 All that sugar needs to be worked off. Another essential piece to the kids Halloween Party, activities! And preferably activities that get the kids moving to work off all that extra energy. A great source for kids party activities Disney Family Fun - http://familyfun.go.com/

#3 Take home crafts: There are so many fun craft projects for kids that don’t require glue and all the mess crafts used to include. Reusable bag (to gather that Halloween candy loot) and Chinese food take out boxes, (far the party gift) tons of stickers and lots of creativity. Can give the kids a chance to let their creative Halloween imaginations go wild.

#4 Real Food: All that sugar will need to be balanced (well as much as possible). Letting the kids make their own pizzas if another fun activity and a pretty good way of ensuring they will eat something more than candy. An easy fun & not so messy way to do this: English muffins (cut in half) pizza sauce, green peppers, mushroom, pepperoni and any other ingredients you can think of that will allow the kids to create a fun and nutritious Halloween pizza.

#5 What fall party or Halloween Party would be complete without S’mores? Look into creating some fun and different choices. Here are just a few to get you started:

Some additional tips for the a great Kids Halloween Party:

• Host a costume contest and give various prizes: Most Creative, The Homemade Costume, Funniest, etc…

• Create a Halloween play list including all the classics: Monster Mash, Ghostbusters & The Purple People Eater.

• Probably most important, recruit several parents to help you. Then you will be able to enjoy the party as well.

Happy Halloween!
From: Michele Jeffery with MJ Events