UA streaker has no regrets

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By Lou Raguse By Lou Raguse

TUCSON, Ariz. -- He looked like a ref, ran like a ref, even motioned like one, but then he set himself apart from the other rule keepers on the field.

"I had to do a big senior prank. I came up with this a couple months back," U of A Senior Jace Lankow.

He took off his clothes and streaked across the field in a rowdy Arizona stadium on national television.

"I got on the field and said, 'It's now or never, there's four seconds left in the first half.' And I just did it," Lankow said.

Jace Lankow didn't think twice. And the crowd seemed to like it.

"I could here the crowd roar, so I looked over my shoulder," said Dep. Matt Schilb.

Lankow bolted across the field, stripping with each and every stride. Every moment captured on video, seemingly unstoppable, until the best tackle of the night.

"He didn't see me coming and I was able to take him down," said Schilb

Deputy Matt Schilb sacked the skin clad senior, but the UA streaker says he has no regrets.

"If I could do it again, I would tweak a few things to make it more memorable," said Lankow.

He was escorted off the field in nothing but a speedo. The crowd cheered, but the naked truth is, the 60 seconds of pure adrenalin led to a felony charge. And it could cost him his diploma.

"I definitely think if they're not going to let me get my diploma then that's blowing it way out of proportion. I just got on the field, didn't harm anybody, and didn't take alcohol or drugs," Lankow says.

So the question is why, why strip in front of 46,000 of your closest friends. He wanted to grab attention of reality TV producers of the show Wipeout.

"Now a days it's all about reality shows and YouTube," Lankow says.

So far, he's at least a YouTube hit.