Shockley case gets national coverage

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GLENDALE, Ariz. -- 5-year-old Jhessye Shockley was last scene in Glendale ten days ago, but now she's being seen by a national audience.

Jhessye's photo first appeared on cable's Headline News Friday morning and that night, had several minutes of coverage But the group Mediawatch AZ, which monitors news coverage across the country, says Jhessye's story has already spread nationally. Its records show her picture has aired on local news from California to Texas, all the way to Massachusetts.
Jhessye's family still thinks cable coverage should have come sooner, but Mediawatch says networks often hesitate for a reason.

"Their reasoning is probably because in the last few days, she could turn up at a friends house or something. But going on two weeks is a completely different thing," said Mike

With that timing in mind, we're likely to see Jhessye's story gain attention on the national stage. Which is what her family has wanted all along.

Shirley Johnson, Jhessye's grandmother is going to make an appearance on CNN. The family tells us it's scheduled for early Saturday morning.

In the first few days after Jhessye Shockley disappeared, search teams took over the neighborhood. Now ten days since she was last seen, there's no telling where the 5-year-old could be. Which is why her family is glad their finally getting national attention.

"You want to get it as far as you can, because people can hop on the road and just drive," said Jhessye's aunt, Tammy Hunter.