West Valley man fights USPS over missing gold coins

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By Jim Carr By Jim Carr

PHEONIX -- Johnny Ford says he's been collecting valuable coins for more than 20 years.

"They mean a lot but then I give them a lot away to special people that does real good things and accomplishments," Ford explained.

When Ford used the United States Postal Service to mail a package of gold coins to a relative on the other side of the country, he insured the package for $500.

"These are all valuables, if you lose these, this has never happened, but it's better to be safe than sorry. The value of the coins is worth this amount to me," Ford said.

Ford mailed the package back in April, but his cousin never received it. Ford even has the tracking number showing the package arrived at a post office in Chicago, but went no further.

When Ford submitted his claim with the insurance he purchased, he ran into another problem.

“They're not honoring no claims," Ford explained. "They have how much you want to insure it for, but when it gets lost or destroyed they don't pay."

According to Ford, his claim keeps getting denied because the Postal Service reportedly wants more evidence. Ford says he's provided all of his insurance paperwork along with documents proving the value of the gold coin he mailed.

"I think I provided more than enough, but what they're doing, they just don't want to pay the money," Ford said.

Ford contacted 3 On Your Side and we in turn went to the United States Postal Service. They said there was a misunderstanding on their part after our involvement. They also said they'll be mailing Ford a check for $500.

Ford says after five months of waiting, he's finally getting paid thanks to 3 On Your Side.

Ford received his $500 check earlier this afternoon so he’s very happy.