Olympic Gold Medalist Kurt Angle

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PHOENIX -- Olympic Gold Medalist Kurt Angle is in town to support the local community in multiple ways as part of his national drive to promote health and wellness in the hopes of helping to change people's lives.

Angle's national health campaign centers around promoting healthier lifestyles for both young and old through getting the word out on two major topics: the importance of daily physical activity at the level you are capable, and the importance of a high-fiber diet.

So much research has been coming out over the last few years about the incredible health benefits of fiber and Angle has seen dramatic results in his own life and in the lives of friends and family by beginning to count fiber as well as counting protein, carbs and fats. As a world-class athlete who hope to compete in the Olympics again in 2012, Angle has always known the importance of counting these other nutrient items, but it was only recently that he began counting his fiber intake on a daily basis.

According to the National Fiber Council only 10 percent of Americans are getting their daily recommended dosage of fiber.

Angle has partnered with BarnDad Innovative Nutrition to help promote Ultra Fiber DX (and 8 layer fiber matrix) and to educate anyone he can on the health benefits of fiber.