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By Bryce Potter By Bryce Potter

Host Bob Lee interviews Tom Danehy,a columnist,with the Tucson Weekly. Danehy’s column is often irreverent and almost always opinionated.  He frequently focuses on local government issues.  

Danehy says three City Council seats are being put to a vote November 8. He says a new Mayor will also be elected, since the incumbent is not running this time.  He says he doesn’t expect things to change, with Council members Scott, Romero and Cunningham facing not very strong opposition.  He says he expects Jonathan Rothschild, the Democrat candidate, to win that office.

Danehy says the Tucson Republican Party created problems for itself when it endorsed a candidate in the primary and auctioned off a gun as a fund-raiser.  He says they couldn’t even get any candidate on the ballot in the primary.  It took write-in votes to get a Republican Mayoral candidate He says he expects a 30-percent turnout thanks to the “convenience” of mail-in ballots.
Danehy says the current City Charter is no doubt going to hinder the search for a “good” City Manager.  He says there’ll be no shortage of candidates, but those with experience and a proven track record are not likely to want to come here and serve under a micro-managing Council and not be able to hire and fire key deputies.