Bad foods that are actually good for you

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PHOENIX -- For years, nutrition advice could be summed up something like this: If you like eating or drinking (fill in the blank), it's bad for you.

For this reason, some health experts have a history of blacklisting a laundry list of foods and beverages, including bread, potatoes, beef, cheese, coffee, alcohol, peanut butter, nuts, coconut, eggs, sugar and chocolate. As a result, we ended up abstaining from these forbidden foods only to overindulge in them.

No longer!

Researchers have found that these foods and beverages are less sinful than we thought, and in some cases, can actually provide health benefits. Find out what makes these "bad" foods not so bad after all.

Registered dietitian Chrissy Barth, who is a member of a panel for the Core Refiners Association (CRA), set Kaley O'Kelley straight on why there is no such this as a "bad" food or a "good" food, sharing the nutritional value of some food that have gotten a bad rap.

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