Tips for Fall planting with color

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Cooler temperatures are coming and that means it's time to start thinking about fall planting. Fall and Spring are the best times to plant because the soil is warm which promotes root growth and at the same time you have the mild and cooler temperatures to enjoy.

On average people use up to 70% of your water outdoors. So, when possible try to plant plants that require low water usage in your landscape. Some of the best types of plants consist of bougainvilleas, cape honeysuckles, purple trailing lantanas and perennials.

If you don't have a green thumb there's plenty or resources available to help. Valley water providers and nurseries have the landscape plants for the Arizona desert brochures. These brochures illustrate the different plants that do well in the different climates and explain how heartiness of the plants. It also focuses on landscape water by numbers which explains how much and how often you should be watering your plants. You can also visit Water - Use It Wisely on-line to find a calendar of water conservation and landscape classes to help gather ideas on what to plant in your yard.

Have fun with the different plants and colors and remember the most important thing is the right plant for the right place.  Review your landscape before you purchase plants and make sure you know the mature plant size before planting.

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