January 8 shooting tributes moved as future still unclear

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TUCSON, Ariz. -- The community's tributes to the horrific shootings on January 8 are still in storage.

Spontaneously, memorials grew at the northwest side shooting site, the office of Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords and at the U of A Medical Center where the victims were being treated.

Now those tributes are being moved, as conversations continue about their future.

Following the January 8 shooting, hundreds if not thousands of flowers, cards and candles that were in front of Representative Giffords' old office, at the Safeway store and on the lawn at UMC were rolled out in box after box after box.

"The items are very special to all of us that work for Congresswoman Giffords and to many Tucsonans.  We very much appreciate what the university has done and taking such good care of them," said Mark Kimble from Representatives Giffords Office.

Back in February the memorial tributes were placed in the boxes and stored in a parking garage by the hospital.

"It meant so much to me to come in everyday and see these tokens of kindness and good wishes and were sorry to see them go," said Kimble.

Some of the items are expected to be part of a memorial, and the garage storage area doesn't have AC.

The University of Arizona Medical Center had been searching for another home and a local company stepped up to the plate.

"Dollar Storage came through and has offered to to store the items up to a year.  They'll have a good home in this new place with air-conditioning.  I think it's the right thing," said Katie Riley from the University of Arizona Medical Center.

A permanent memorial is in the works, with survivors and other community members throwing around ideas.

Giffords' office says it's going to take awhile before a memorial goes up.

"To do something really appropriate and fitting and something the community will love and appreciate forever obviously takes a long time it's not something that's going to be done very quickly," said Kimble.

More than 260 boxes were transferred to Dollar Storage.

A group is working on putting a subcommittee together to figure out how the tributes will be displayed in the final memorial.