Halloween hazard

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PHOENIX -- Halloween is supposed to be spooky and fun, but you don't want it to haunt you. That's why the fire departments valleywide got together to get the message out "have fun but do it safe." 

According to Phoenix Fire Deputy Chief Frank Salomon they typically see an increase in car pedestrian accidents on Halloween night. However, he warns safety needs to be kept in mind from the time you start picking out your costumes.

Fire officials are asking kids to wear lighter colored clothing to make sure they are visible at night. Also, fewer accidents might occur if kids stay away from masks that completely cover their faces. 

Speaking of costumes, firefighters set a store bought costume on fire. Within seconds the princess outfit was full of flames because some of the material used in the costume was plastic. They remind parents to check labels. 

According to the National Fire Protection Association, decorations were the first thing to ignite in more than 1,000 house fires each year. That's why they made a haunted house decorated with streamers to demonstrate how flammable it could be.

All it took was 30 seconds for flames to rip through the makeshift building. Firefighters warn parents to consider all these things to make sure their little ghouls and goblins are safe this Halloween.