ASU football players hang out at Phoenix Children's Hospital

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PHOENIX -- We are standing in a room with more than a half dozen Arizona State football players. The 300-pound center, Garth Gerhart, is there. It’s hard to miss the 6-foot-8-inch quarterback Brock Osweiler.

Despite the presence of these impressive athletes, the toughest people in this room are the 5-, 6-, 7- and 8-year-olds recovering at Phoenix Children’s Hospital.

ASU players like Gerhart, Osweiler, Brandon Magee, Dan Knapp, Davon Coleman, Cameron Kastle, Adam Tello and Mike Bercovici showed up to spend that day with the children.

The towering Osweiler is hunched over, with a crayon in hand, to color a picture with 5-year-old Logan Sinclair, who is sitting in his wheelchair.

Logan’s mother, Jennifer Sinclair, said this is a dream come true.

"Oh, my gosh! When he heard the players were going to be here, he was like, 'Yes! We have got to go get our hat so we can get signatures,'" she said.

For the football players, coming to the hospital is deeply rewarding. It can also put on-the-field issues into perspective.

"Shoot, I know myself, personally, today I was still hurting from the Oregon game and stuff like that, but you completely forget about those things," Osweiler said. "Those are the small things in life."

In July, Logan had a cancerous brain tumor removed. 

"So, he has gone through rounds of chemo and radiation," Jennifer Sinclair said. "When he had his surgery, it took away all of his cognitive skills. He was mute for about a month and he has been wheelchair-bound ever since."

Sinclair said these are huge moments that will help Logan progress through rehab.

“I am trying not to break down and cry right now, but they are huge,” she said. “It brightens his days and helps him with his therapies. It makes him hopeful that one day he can be on the field playing football, one day. It’s just a great experience."

Logan gets everyone smiling by flexing his muscles.

The players shout, "Ooooohhhh the gun show!"

With Logan’s big heart and those muscles, playing football just like his heroes seems inevitable.

Osweiler agrees and starts laughing, “Logan had some guns."