Album release to benefit Tucson Safeway shooting victims

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TUCSON, Ariz. -- Starting Tuesday, people across the country can purchase a compilation of music inspired by the January 8 tragedy.

"Luz de Vida" is a record put together by members of the Tucson community to raise money for the victims.

Music sometimes has a way of healing people's hearts.

The sounds you're listening to come from a record compiled with songs by Tucson musicians.

"Luz de Vida" translates to light of life.

"We all kind of felt the music community in Tucson should do something as a response, something positive," said Eric Swedlund from the Music Against Violence Coalition.

Eric Swedlund is a member of the music against violence coalition.  A few weeks after the January 8 shooting, he teamed up with various organizations to put the record together.

"We just hope it makes a strong statement with the music that this community isn't about violence. This is a response that is positive," said Swedlund.

The record features 12 songs including one by Calexico. Band members who're longtime friends of Gabby Giffords.

"To have the opportunity to give back to people.  More than simply music at this point, actually giving a sense of hope, a sense of family, a sense of community," said James Tritten from Fort Lowell Records.

Each record costs $20. There's also a digital download with additional songs for $10. All the proceeds go toward the Tucson together fund which assists the victims and witnesses from January 8.

Tuesday's release coincides with the national "Week without Violence."  The songs are a way to spread that message all year long.

Some of the musicians from the record will also be performing at a benefit concert at the Rialto Theatre Saturday night.  The show starts at 7:00.