Occupy Tucson carries on

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TUCSON, Ariz. -- How long can the Occupy Tucson movement last?  The number of protesters appears to be dwindling, but organizers are now working on a plan to get more people on board.

Clusters of camping tents, a few discussion groups, and the occasional mid-day meditation.

Day three of Occupy Tucson looks very different from the movement's launch on Saturday.

"Right now it's Monday, the middle of the working day, there's a little bit less of a showing right now," said Occupy Tucson Organizer Craig Barber.

Craig barber is one of several Occupy Tucson organizers.  Although participation changes from hour to hour, he admits enforcement actions by Tucson police are a factor.

"Instead of trying to break us up with pepper spray and batons like they did in Phoenix, what they're doing is utilizing a strategy of financial attrition," said Barber.

Officers cite those who do not leave Armory Park by 10:30 P.M. when the park closes.  Even then, those receiving a fine are allowed to stay for the night.

"I know that it's their job and obligation to carry out the law of Arizona," said occupier Reannah Suh.

Reannah Suh has already received a citation, "I just kind of felt like they needed the numbers."

According to Tucson police, officers fined 53 occupiers Saturday night.  Sunday night only 32 were cited.

"It's not a bunch of lazy people who don't want to work it's quite the opposite, it's people who work very hard," said occupier Jared McKinley.

McKinley holds two jobs and encourages work-a-day people to stop by when they can, "You know there's a lot of people who wish they could be here.  I know a lot of people who wish they could be here but they're working."

Barber and other occupiers are now regrouping, to make it easier for others to participate in the protest.

"Even if it's a different location, in a different park, we're not giving up and that's the message we are making clear," said Barber.

Protesters are discussing changing venues, but they decided to hold off on a vote until they address the city council Tuesday about the citations they've been receiving.