E.D. Marshall Jewelers buys and sells unique jewelry and collectibles

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Looking to make some extra money by selling your jewelry and valuables? E.D. Marshall Jewelers has several locations around the Valley and will purchase more than just gold. E.D. Marshall will buy coins, paper money, diamonds, watches, platinum, silver, war items, collectibles, art, musical instruments and more. And, the unique thing about E.D. Marshall Jewelers is that they don't automatically melt down the items to make new ones, they do a lot of restoring. They have a national customer database and are the number one buyer of Rolex watches in Arizona. So, look around the house visit a local E.D. Marshall Jewelers for an appraisal today. E.D. Marshall Jewelers will also make house calls. If you have an item that is too heavy they'll come to you. Just check their Website to see the current buying list. E.D. Marshalls has been in the business for 25 years. For more information visit E.D. Marshall Jewelers on-line

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