Cervical cancer can be prevented

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Lisa Haffner sat down with Gynecologic Oncologist , Dr. Bradley J. Monk and his patient Kelly Meservey. Dr. Monk specializes in cancer.  His specialty was created out of OBGYN to treat women with vulva, vaginal, cervical, uterine, fallopian tube and ovarian cancer.

Today the focus of discussion was the prevention of cervical cancer as Dr. Monk states, it's highly preventable. Cervical cancer  is caused by a virus. An extremely common virus that early 80% of the public has or will get. Most women never know they have it.  The virus is called Human papillomavirus or HPV.

Kelly Meservey was diagnosed in 2007 with cervical cancer. She was a faithful patient that made her annual appointment and got her pap test . She thought the pap test took care of everything. It wasn’t until 2007 that her OBGYN saw by sight that her cervix was diseased and by that time it was cancer. Her cancer was too big to have surgery so she went through chemo, radiation and internal radiation. She was then declared cancer free.

In 2009, she developed a chronic cough. It took 4-5 months of different specialist to find out that those same cancer cells were now in her lungs. She is currently undergoing radiation and finished her 54th treatment. Kelly is optimistic and continuing to fight the cancer. But her message to the public is that this is something that she could have caught earlier if she would have asked for the HPV test with her Pap test.

Per Dr. Monk, Cervical cancer prevention is three things… 1)  1Get vaccinated 2) Wen you’re in your 20's get your pap test. 3) When you’re in your 30's get your HPV test with your Pap test.

If you have HPV then you’re at a higher risk of getting cervical cancer and doctors can help cure it when caught early.

Dr. Monk also notes that the HPV vaccine is not only for girls its now FDA approved for boys. Per Dr. Monk boys can get anal cancer from HPV, head and neck cancer, penile cancer related to the virus. 

This is a cancer you do not want and it can be prevented by the three steps of vaccine, examination with Pap test and HPV test.

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