Carsafe extended warranty comes through after delay

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By Jim Carr By Jim Carr

PHOENIX -- Kathy Ciotola says being a grandma is fun, but it's also a lot like being a chauffeur.

“My granddaughter, she's always wanting to go, on the go, otherwise she's got no one to play with here," Ciotola said. "So she's always like, 'Let's go to McDonalds Nona!' or 'Let's go shopping.'"

So when the manufacturer's warranty on Ciotola's Honda expired around a year ago, she and her husband decided to buy an extended warranty from a company called Carsafe, just in case they had car problems.
“In case something happened, we didn't have to pay a large amount out of pocket, which we don't have," Ciotola said. "So that's why we purchased it."
Ciotola paid Carsafe around $2,700 for that extended warranty. However, when she recently took her Honda to a Valley transmission shop for some repairs, she says she was having trouble with Carsafe authorizing the repair.
As a result, her Honda has remained at the transmission shop for about two weeks, waiting for Carsafe's approval to go ahead with the repairs. So much for that $2,700 extended warranty.
“Twenty-seven hundred dollars is a lot of money and with that you expect to get your car fixed,” Ciotola said.
Getting nowhere with Carsafe and getting tired of having absolutely no car to haul her granddaughter, Ciotola contacted 3 On Your Side.
“It's like you're stranded," she said. "It's like, what do you do now?”
Carsafe immediately looked into Ciotola's situation at our request and that same day, Carsafe authorized the repairs and agreed to pay the bill. That's good news for Ciotola and her granddaughter and she credits 3 On Your Side for finally getting it done.
“It's just a great show and you get things done,” Ciotola said.
Carsafe told 3 On Your Side that Ciotola's repair was considered a big ticket item and required a third-party inspection, which prolonged the process. Carsafe was pretty good to work with and we appreciate them solving it as quickly as they did.