People pack downtown for Occupy Phoenix

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PHOENIX -- The Occupy Wall Street movement swept through downtown Phoenix on Saturday.

Protesters gathered at Cesar Chavez Memorial Plaza, all outraged over economic inequality. There was a lot of talk about jobs and the need for them.

One teenager in attendance said she is scared for her future.

"I think right now it's a little shaky, it's a little scary about what's going to happen next," Maddy Snarr said. 

The 15-year-old has good reason to show concern. Her father lost his job recently and now Maddy is uncertain if she'll find one down the road.

"It's absolutely terrifying and my kids and all of the kids in this country deserve the opportunity to have opportunity," John Snarr said.

So the Snarr family joined the Occupy Wall Street movement in downtown Phoenix on Saturday.

"As the rich continue to get extremely weathly and the middle class is continuing to die out in America and we're it, we're part of the middle class, and we'd actually like to stay there," Snarr said.

It's estimated 2,000 other people turned up for the protest, but when we searched for the organizer to find out what the overall message was, one couldn't be located.

"I don't know that there really is an organizer," said one participant.

"It's a leaderless event ... there isn't anyone person," said another participant.

But for the Snarr family their message is clear.

"Keep us the middle class, don't let it disappear," Maddy said.