Running of the Bulls USA in Cave Creek this weekend

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MESA, Ariz. -- The running of the bulls is coming to Cave Creek, the question is -- who will do the chasing?

John Hetzel owns all 21 bulls that will be this weekend's main attraction at Running of the Bulls USA.

It's the fourth year for the event that serves as Arizona's version of the adrenaline-packed event in Pamplona, Spain, which draws hundreds of people from around the world every year.

Organizers say more than 500 runners have signed up.

Participants will jog a quarter mile, trying to keep at least a few steps ahead of the bulls, which may not be much of a problem.

"Most of the bulls I'm taking up there are older bulls and they need to exercise," said Hetzel as the animals chewed on hay.

Hetzel said his bulls are more "Rawhide" than watch-your-hide. They participate in rodeos nearly every weekend.

Still runners over the three-day event need to be alert.

"If you trip and fall down in front of them they might run you over but as far as purposely hurting somebody, they won't," Hetzel said.

This event is not without controversy. Animal rights activists say it's cruel to the bulls and dangerous for humans.

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