KMSB "Fox-11 Forum," Sunday, 10/23/11, 7:30 AM

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By Bryce Potter By Bryce Potter

Host Bob Lee interviews Rob LeMaster, Executive Director, Tucson Police Foundation, an independent, non-profit, charitable organization dedicated to fostering public safety through community building, education and outreach.

LeMaster says the mission of TPF is to foster public safety through community building, education, and outreach. In concert with the Tucson Police Department, he says the foundation works with a range of community safety advocates to develop and implement public safety and crime prevention programs.  

Lemaster says while the City of Tucson budget provides the necessary resources to fund the operations of the Tucson Police Department, a number of important community programs continue to be threatened or cut due to lack of funding. He says through a partnership with Target, the Foundation recently acquired equipment for TPD for graffiti abatement and downtown revitalization policing via three-wheel “Segways.”  He says through the “Adopt-A-Cop” fund-raising effort, the Foundation was able to fund replacement bullet-proof vests for officers. Another major project that returns something to the community, according to LeMaster,is the Safe Teen Accident Reduction Training program for teens aged 16 to 19. He says TPF officers teach teen drivers off-road recovery, evasive steering, skid recovery and more, at the TPD Training Academy driving course.  

LeMaster also talks about the 5th annual “Cops & Rodders Car, Truck and Motorcycle Show Oct. 29.  He says it, and January’s “Unsung Heroes Banquet,” are the Foundation’s two biggest fundraisers.