Horne denies involvement in raid on medical marijuana club

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PHOENIX -- Arizona Attorney General Tom Horne has denied involvement in a raid on a medical marijuana club on Wednesday.

Phoenix police raided The 2811 Club near Interstate 17 and Bell Road and reportedly seized electronic equipment, files and a small amount of marijuana.

The club allows patients to freely exchange marijuana, but they must have a medical marijuana card and pay a membership fee.

Phoenix police said the investigation was initiated after they received complaints from the neighborhood about marijuana being sold at the club.

The club's owner claims he's the victim of political persecution.

In August, Horne asked a judge to declare the club illegal. The case is still in the courts and a judge has refused to shut the club down during the litigation.

Horne released a written statement denying involvement in the raid: "It has been reported to me that Allan Sobol, Marketing Director of the 2811 Club, is telling the media that I told the Phoenix Police Department to raid the Club. I did no such thing. I have remained consistent in my position, waiting for a Judge to rule on the legality of the clubs. I have no authority over the Phoenix Police, and had no knowledge of their plans in this case.”

The owner said the club will stay open despite the raid.