Arpaio to meet Monday with GOP hopeful Herman Cain

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PHOENIX (AP) -- Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio says he'll meet Monday with Republican presidential hopeful Herman Cain before the candidate attends a GOP fundraiser in Phoenix.

Arpaio says Cain will be the fourth GOP presidential candidate who sought his endorsement this year.

The sheriff hasn't yet endorsed any candidate, but backed Mitt Romney in 2008.

Arpaio met with candidate Michele Bachmann last month and says he spoke on the phone recently with Romney and Rick Perry.

Arpaio says he has talked to them on subjects ranging from military service and family to the sheriff's jail tents and immigration enforcement.

He says none of the candidates has raised the federal civil rights investigation of Arpaio's immigration efforts and a federal grand jury that's investigating allegations that the sheriff's office abused its powers.