Wild speculation follows Stoops' dismissal

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TUCSON, Ariz. -- While Mike Stoops' mid-season termination was not a complete surprise to many loyal fans, many of those fans are now wondering what's next for the struggling Wildcat football program.

Is there anybody out there who I can pay to take the rest of my season tickets?

It was a crazy day at 1290 AM, The Source.

The phones were ringing off the hook during sports talk show "Inside the House."  Every caller chiming in on stoops.  Every caller wanting to talk U of A football future.

"Most of the phone calls have been wild speculation about who's going to coach next," said program director Rob Lantz.

A few miles down the road, the news was sweeping through campus.  And nearly everyone saw Stoops' end coming.

"It was just a matter of time because we were losing games left and right."

"Didn't really come as much of a surprise."

So far it's been a season to forget. A one and five start, including an embarrassing loss to win-less Oregon State. On campus there was lots of talk of the season.

Wildcat fans were ready for a change.  More importantly they're ready to win again.

"We're definitely moving in right direction by getting rid of him and hopefully getting someone better to replace him," said U of A Senior Zach Monash.

Speculation as to who will replace Stoops is already running amok.

Urban Meyer from Florida.

Mike Bellotti.

Mike Leach from Texas Tech.

At the radio station, callers being a bit more realistic, but the reality is, no one knows for sure what's coming next.

Defensive coordinator Tim Kish has been given the green light to serve as interim head coach and Tuesday was day one on the job.