Arizona headlines: Mesa baby shot in head; Yuma robber stops for meal

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MESA, Ariz. -- A 1-year-old boy is dead after being shot in the head in Mesa.

It happened at an apartment where a grandmother was watching the baby and four other children.

Two masked men came to the apartment with guns and one of them shot, killing the boy.

Those masked men escaped and are on the run.

Mesa police say investigators are not certain whether the gunmen came to the grandmother's apartment to commit a home invasion or if the shooting is connected to another crime, such as immigrant or drug trafficking.


YUMA, Ariz. -- Police say a Yuma man stopped for pizza and a beer during his bank robbery getaway.

The Wells Fargo bank is across from the Yuma police station.

The man took off with the money, but stopped at a restaurant, ordered beer and a couple slices of pizza with some of the stolen money.

Before the meal was served, police found the man and arrested him.

The suspect is a 56-year-old homeless man who police say they identified through bank employees and security video footage.