6 Habits that are making you sick

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PHOENIX -- We all know that illnesses can pass from person to person extremely quickly. Did you see the movie "Contagion"? 

But it's not just contagious diseases that we need to worry about.

Dr. Art Mollen gave Kaley O'Kelley the lowdown on six habits you might have that can make you sick.

1. Sitting around watching TV
Not only does this mean you might not be getting enough exercise, it also can make it extremely easy to consume more calories than you should.

2. Using a sponge
Sponges are a repository for bacteria. You need to make sure you are cleaning and sterilizing your sponges on a regular basis.

3. Vacuuming
Vacuuming can kick up dust and particulates, which means you could be inhaling some pretty nasty stuff. Consider investing in a HEPA filter to deal with these.

4. Sleeping with old pillows
Pillows are a haven for dust mites and other allergens. A pillow cover that you can wash frequently will go a long way in protecting you by putting an allergen-proof barrier between you and your pillow.

5. Grilling meat
Grilling can cause an increase in carcinogens. Wrap the meat in foil to protect it from hydrocarbons and carcinogens.

6. Keeping your windows open
While fresh air can be nice, especially in the fall, keeping your windows open allows all sort of allergens into your home. It's better to keep them closed. Keep your windows up while you're driving, too.

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