Terror in the Corn comes to Southern Arizona farm

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TUCSON, Ariz. -- The cornfields at Buckelew Farms are alive with all the sights and sounds of your worst fears.

This year's Terror in the Corn has officially kicked off, and the Buckelew family is dreaming up new ways to scare people.

There's something lurking in the corn fields at Buckelew Farms.

"You walk through the corn and it's haunted with your scariest nightmares," said Amy Buckelew-Owen.

Amy Buckelew-Owen is putting the final touches on the family farm project, Terror in the Corn.

Every treacherous twist and turn promises death, daggers and darkness.

"So this is our circus scene.  So, if you're afraid of clowns, you're not going to like this one," said Amy.

You will be wise to keep your wits as the Buckelews barrage you with horrific and hair-raising images.

"Our favorite is when we get so many people pee their pants each night. That's how we gauge how scary it's been," said Amy.

Even if you're lucky enough to survive the terror in the corn you still have to survive the rest of the corn maze before you can get to safety.

"Some people just take leaps of faith at each turn, others will get a map," said Amy.

The Buckelews have added another scary adventure, ghost stories told from the tractor.

"And they kind of have different key points that carry over from one story to the next until the get to the end of it," said Laurie Buckelew.

It's enough to thoroughly spook and rattle even the toughest of nerves.

Terror in the Corn is open for the next four weekends.

For those who don't like the scary stuff, the farm's annual Pumpkin Festival might be more to your liking.   You can visit the farm to pick pumpkins and catch a wagon ride.