Tucson rock and roll photography show

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TUCSON, Ariz. -- Madonna, U2, KISS, they're all being featured in Tucson this month. Not in person, but in pictures.

It's all part of a downtown photography exhibit called 'Tucson Shot Rock and Roll.'

Before Madonna was Madonna.  When Jimi Hendrix took the stage at Woodstock. Soon after Little Richard defined the wild side of Rock and Roll.

They're all moments captured by a flash, now featured in a downtown exhibit this month called 'Tucson Shot Rock and Roll.'

"We got rock and roll covered pretty well.  We have pop rock, punk rock, we have classic rock," said curator David Olsen.

Zocalo Magazine publisher David Olsen is the exhibit curator.  It coincides with the Museum of Art's citywide celebration of the Art of Rock and Roll.

"In Tucson we have some photographers who have some historically significant shots of famous people and we have photographers who have done a really good job of capturing the local scene," said Olsen.

The exhibit features hundreds of works from 26 Tucson photographers.  Each of their photos tell a story.

"I talked my way into a backstage pass when I got to Woodstock, having no idea it was Woodstock.  It was just this wonderful concert," said photographer Tim Fuller.

That landed photographer Fuller on stage with Jimi Hendrix.

"There's a large photograph of Jimi with a cigarette, leaning back, eyes closed.  It's a lovely moment, and I'm glad to be able to have that," said Fuller.

Now a spotlight reveals that rock and roll moment and so many more, for all Tucson to see.

The exhibit runs through October 29.