Occupy Tucson movement plans demonstration

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TUCSON, Ariz. -- About 100 people gathered in downtown Tucson Sunday, inspired by the occupy Wall Street demonstrations.

The occupy Tucson protest is set for Saturday, Oct. 15. Supporters met to establish some guidelines.

In the meantime, Occupy protesters have already gathered in more than a dozen U.S. cities.  They're rallying against corporate greed, the environment and the war in Afghanistan.

In less than a month, Occupy Wall Street protests have stretched across the country.

As the movement spreads, it has begun targeting more than just greed and social inequality.

Some demonstrations now include outcries against the war in Afghanistan and what's happening to the environment.

In Washington, D.C., some anti-war protesters marched to the National Air and Space Museum, but they didn't make it inside.

"We never got past the first door.  We didn't get past the metal detectors.  Security came rushing out, bum-rushed us like a line of football players, corralled us, pepper-sprayed the first dozen of us, and forcibly removed most of us," said a D.C. protester.

Politicians have had mixed reactions to the occupy Wall Street movement, with some Republicans suggesting the protesters zero in on the Obama administration.