Valley musician finds biological father

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PHOENIX -- A Valley musician knew something was missing in his life. He was raised by a great family but wondered who his biological parents were.
“I started playing drums,” Will Glass said. “My parents tried to get me to play any instrument but the drums.”

Starting in sixth grade, Glass knew he was destined to be a drummer.

“There was just something inside me that I have to play the drums,” Glass said. “I didn't know what it was at the time.”

Drums eventually led this 33-year-old to become a popular Valley hip-hop artist who goes by the name Intrinzik.

“It's like acting and you’re stepping into a different persona,” Glass said. “It's natural for me.”

Playing drums also came naturally to a New Yorker.

“It just came natural,” Guy Abbey said. “I had the rhythm. I could use my left hand, right hand, my left foot and that's what you need in drumming.”

Abbey, 52, tried to break into the music scene after high school in the late '70s.
“I moved to Los Angeles and I did the whole scene,” Abbey said. “I didn't get anywhere with it, but it was good memories.”

Two men with a passion for music, but a search on Facebook would finally bring this father and son together.

“We have the moment on tape when I'm walking up to him,” Glass said. “We put it in slow motion and it was cool. We had a meal together and at the time I didn't have this setup, so we rented out time at a studio and for the rest of the night, we played drums and jammed out.”

The two met in Scottsdale more than a year and a half ago. Glass’ parents had been high school sweethearts back in Long Island.

“It's crazy,” Glass said. “He's a drummer. He sang vocals for a couple of records. He has a house in Arizona, and I have a house in Arizona.”

All signs that this was meant to happen. While Abbey was aware Glass’ mom had given him up for adoption as a baby, he never stopped wondering what happened to his son.
“I can't take that responsibility of saying, 'I'm your dad,'” Abbey said. “He had a dad and his dad did a great job. I wanted one hour that's all I needed and then everything else will be good because if he's had a good life and he knew what I was about and what happened and that was enough for me.”

That chance of a lifetime to meet Glass has turned into a long lasting relationship.

“It's amazing to have a whole new set of family members,” Glass said.

But what's even more amazing, it's putting them on stage doing what they love, playing music.

“He's awesome, anything I need or want,” Glass said. “We’re in this music thing now and trying to push it.”

“This is better than I thought it would be," Abbey said. “He'll have to kick me out of his life and that's how it's going to be.”

Glass and Abbey will be performing at the Tech N9ne show on Monday, Oct. 10, at the Marquee Theatre in Tempe.