3 On Your Side looks for answers after Valley photographer fails to deliver

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By Jim Carr By Jim Carr

SCOTTSDALE - “We'd like to talk to you about the photos that are missing,” a 3 On Your Side producer said.

“You've caught me in the shower. You'll have to come back another time,” Michael Campbell said through his cracked front door.

"In the shower."

That's the answer 3 On Your Side received when we showed up at Campbell's Scottsdale home.

Campbell runs at least two different photography companies, Michael Campbell Photography and AZSportShots.com.

AZSportShots was supposed to produce professional photos for dozens of kids on the U.S. Flairs boys gymnastics team.

For around $4,000, Campbell took the pictures.

But nearly a year later, paying parents like Lori Helton are still waiting for photos.

“By now, we've got kids that don't even look like their pictures anymore,” she said.

Helton said when she signed up, Campbell promised to donate 40 percent of the proceeds back to the club.

She said he also promised to have the photos done by Christmas.

That was nearly a year ago.

“A lot of the families were giving these as Christmas gifts,” Helton said.

But when Christmas came and went, parents started asking what the hold-up was.

In our first report, last summer, Campbell blamed the delay on "difficult economic times, third party suppliers and major health issues."

He asked for a few months more to complete the pictures but four months later, there are still no photos.

That brings us back to Campbell's home where sprucing himself up was more important than talking about all that money he walked off with.

“You've caught me in the shower. You'll have to come back another time,” he said.

Our crew stuck around and Campbell's son eventually showed up telling us his dad was in the process of filing for bankruptcy.

In the meantime, he says he was now handling his dad's business dealings and was trying to track down the missing pictures.

“S,  if you please wouldn't bug him again I will call up the Flairs gymnastics coach,” he said.

It must run in the family, though, because Helton tells us she hasn’t heard from anyone with the business, leaving a whole lot of disappointed parents and kids.

“Nothing -- we have nothing,” she said.

By the way, AZSportShots.com now has a message on its homepage, “AZ SPORT SHOTS is presently under reorganization.”

MichaelCampbellPhotography.com, however, is still up and running.