Playstation CEO and others in Tucson react to Jobs' death

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TUCSON, Ariz. -- Since word of Steve Jobs' death spread, people across the world have been looking back on the Apple co-founder's work, including people in Tucson.

Caught up with one of Jobs' customers and competitors, they shared how he changed the way technology's interwoven in our lives.

Outside the Apple store at La Encantada sits a small memorial of thank you notes and flowers for Steve Jobs.

At the University of Arizona, people are also looking back on Jobs' legacy, including one of his competitors.

"I certainly go by a lot of his philosophies, that you don't get anywhere without taking risks, you can't be afraid to fail," said Sony Playstation CEO Jack Tretton.

Playstation CEO Jack Tretton is visiting campus this week to promote Sony's gaming industry.

He never met Steve Jobs, but Thursday reflected on the impact Jobs had in their field.

"I think technology moves at an incredible pace now, if something happened 5 minutes ago and you don't know about it, people assume you're living in a cave," said Tretton.

UA Students spent the day testing out games on Tretton's Playstation experience truck.

Thursday they're a little more appreciative of the masterminds behind the technology.

"Guys like that, who really revolutionize these industries, they mean a lot to me and other people who enjoy these things," said Ganajian.

One of those revolutionary leaders is now gone.

But Tretton says Jobs' memory will live on through the technology he created.

"I think he had a profound impact on society in general and clearly one of the greatest technology innovators we'll ever see," said Tretton.

Fans of the apple co-founder have declared next Friday, October 14, "Steve Jobs Day."