Tucson shooting: Giffords in Washington for Kelly retirement; No decision on Loughner stay in Tucson

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TUCSON, Ariz. -- Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords returned to Washington to watch her husband hang up his space suit for the final time Thursday.

Astronaut Mark Kelly is leaving the U.S. Navy and NASA after more than two decades of service.

He commanded the final mission of the Space Shuttle Endeavour in May.  Kelly decided to retire to spend more time with his wife.

Giffords is still recovering after being shot in the head in January.


TUCSON, Ariz. -- No ruling today from an appeals court on whether the accused January 8 shooter will stay in a Tucson prison or go back to a Missouri prison hospital.

The 9th circuit court heard arguments from each side.

Jared Loughner's lawyers believe its easier for him to meet with attorneys and be able to visit with his parents in Tucson. Plus they believe the prison here can handle his medication and suicide watch.

Prosecutors want him back in the Missouri prison hospital where he's under the care of his psychologists.

The judges didn't immediately rule, but had some tough questions for Loughner's lawyer.

Is it your position that he's better off medically being in a high risk solitary confinement in Tucson, Arizona, than in a psychiatric hospital? 
That's a really hard question.

During arguments, Loughner's attorney revealed the forced medication continues while he is held in Tucson.  And they presume it would continue whether or not he is moved back to Missouri, since that is being argued as a separate issue.