Occupy Wall Street movement comes to Tucson

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TUCSON, Ariz. -- They are waging war on corporate greed, Occupy Wall Street protesters taking to the streets of New York's financial district.

It's a movement that seems to be building, now all over the country. 

It started in New York, thousands taking their message to Wall Street.  But then it spread, to Boston, south to Houston, taking their message to Seattle too.

And now the Occupy Tucson movement is picking up steam in the Old Pueblo.  On Oct. 15, organizers expect hundreds to pack into Veinte De Agosto Park for a peaceful occupation.

"This movement's for you and it takes us all," said organizer Craig Barber.

They say Tucsonans are inspired by what they've seen in New York.  Small numbers have ballooned into large crowds.

"They should care because they're part of the 99 percent.  They're part of the working class who we feel is no longer listened to," said Barber.

Protesters are angry at the sagging U.S. economy.  And frustrated with high unemployment and the corporate greed they say dominates our democracy.

"Here in Tucson we got this just like anywhere else in the country," said Barber.

Organizers here have launched an Occupy Tucson Facebook page and a website.

To get the word out and rally supporters.  So far, 1800 plus members and counting.

"We only have growth and movement upwards to look forward to here in Tucson as well," said Barber.

And if the protests across the country are any indication, Tucson will respond as well.

If you're interested in joining the movement, Occupy Tucson will have another planning meeting this Sunday, October 9 at noon, at the Veinte De Agosto Park downtown.

Again, the peaceful occupation is set for October 15 9:00 A.M. at that same location.