FBI agent searching for Scottsdale fugitive

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SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. -- Their throats were slashed and their bodies left to burn inside their Scottsdale home.

The triple murder stunned the Valley in 2001. On Friday, the man wanted for the crime will be featured in a documentary called “Where Is Robert Fisher?” 3TV spoke with the FBI case agent who has spent nearly a decade trying to answer that question.

"We're looking for a guy here who had the ability or had the thought to kill his own children, kill his wife, burn the house down, take the family dog with him and flee and he's out there somewhere," said FBI Special Agent Bob Caldwell.

For Caldwell, finding Robert Fisher is about more than just solving a triple murder.

“He doesn't deserve to be out there. He needs to be brought in and justice needs to be served in this case," Caldwell said.

Fisher is accused of killing his wife, Mary, and their two children, Brittney and Bobby, on April 10, 2001. Police believe after he slit their throats, he rigged their home to explode hoping to cover his tracks.

Days later there was a break in the case. Mary's SUV and the family's dog were discovered in a remote area near Young, Ariz. But after a massive manhunt, there was no sign of Fisher.

"There has never in 10 years been a sighting or any finding of a body, bones, clothing, any kind of stashing of food, anything like that whatsoever have ever been found in any of those caves and those caving systems up there are extensive," Caldwell said.

Some speculate Fisher committed suicide in one of those caves. But Caldwell doesn't buy it.

"He's not going to go into the back of a cave, live there, feel remorse, it's just not the kind of person he is," he said. "We believe he's still out there today."

The FBI put Fisher on its Ten Most Wanted list which has generated thousands of leads. Unfortunately, "when you look at those last pictures we have of him, he looks like a lot of people. Right now I'm up to about 20 twin brothers of his," Caldwell said.

While Fisher has no doubt aged in the last 10 years, the FBI believes one thing remains the same, his need to be in control.

“If he's in a relationship right now, he's controlling that woman," Caldwell said. "He's going to be dictating everything that happens, he's very arrogant, very cocky. The characteristics of his aren't going to change and hopefully that will draw people to him and take a little closer look at him and say, 'Oh yeah, I recognize that guy now.'"

As for the upcoming documentary, “Where Is Robert Fisher?” Caldwell believes the more publicity the case gets, the better the odds they'll catch Fisher.

“We want him running scared, we want him constantly looking over his shoulder, because he's going to mess up one time."

The FBI is offering a $100,000 reward for information leading to the arrest of Fisher. If you think you see Fisher, contact your local law enforcement agency immediately, otherwise you can call the FBI at 602-279-5511 or email phoenix@ic.fbi.gov.