Man and dog injured in pit bull attack on Tucson's east side

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TUCSON, Ariz. -- A morning walk for an elderly Tucson man and his dog nearly turned deadly.  Two pit bulls roaming loose attacked the man and his dog.

An east side neighborhood was woken up by sounds unfamiliar to them.

"I was sleeping and I heard the dogs fighting and I heard somebody hollering, 'Get away. Get away,' My bedroom is here in the corner," said resident Dan Curtis.

Police say the man was walking his dog early Wednesday morning when he was attacked.

"A caller reported a male being attacked by a couple of dogs in the street,  the old man was on the ground with his dog and these two dogs were attacking," said Sgt. Matt Ronstadt from the Tucson Police Department.

A Tucson police motorcycle officer was in the area and was on scene within a minute.

The officer witnessed several people trying to help the 83-year-old victim.  As the officer tried to get people to safety.  The dogs tried to attack him.

"The pit bulls began to circle the officer and were aggressive with him, he was left with no other choice but to discharge his weapon in defense of not only himself but of all the civilians that were there too," said Sgt. Ronstadt.

Both dogs were killed and residents say they heard about five shots.

Dan Curtis who walks around the neighborhood for exercise, says the incident won't stop him from getting his exercise.

"No, no, actually I think what caused this problem is the dog,  the dog that the old man had.  I think it brought the other two dogs in," said Curtis.

TPD has found the owner of the two pit bulls and he could face several charges.

The 83-year-old man suffered dog bites to his arm and leg, both are non-life threatening.

The condition of his dog is unknown.