Missing Colorado boys found shoplifting in Phoenix

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PHOENIX -- Two young boys who went missing in Colorado over the weekend were found in Phoenix.

Twelve-year-old Christopher Ihinger and 14-year-old Danny Eberly were caught shoplifting baseball caps at the J.C. Penney store at Christown Spectrum Mall Wednesday afternoon, according to Phoenix police Sgt. Steve Martos.

The boys went missing Sunday while Christopher's father and another man were rock climbing near Telluride. While the adults climbed, the boys stayed with the truck. When the men returned, the truck and boys were gone.

"The boys admitted to running away, to taking the truck and driving it to Phoenix, Arizona," according to a statement issued by the San Miguel County Sheriff's Office.

Investigators believe part of the reason the boys came to Arizona is because they may have been familiar with the area. Eberly used to live in Flagstaff before moving to Colorado.

Eberly's father said they boys might have run away because his son is on probation for stealing another car and thought he might face jail time.

The boys’ parents were headed to Phoenix to pick them up and take them back home.

Martos said Colorado authorities will decide if the boys will face any charges but added that the boys aren’t facing shoplifting charges.